Epic Health Services Continues to Expand and Grow Pediatric Continuum of Care with Acquisition of Medco


DALLAS (Oct. 20) Epic Health Services Inc., a portfolio company of Webster Capital and Dallas-based provider of pediatric skilled nursing, therapy and enteral services, announced today that it has acquired Houston-based Medco, a provider of high-quality enteral therapy services, respiratory equipment and incontinence products, as well as specialty pharmacy, diabetic, urological, ostomy and wound care supplies and products to patients throughout Texas and Louisiana.

With the addition of Louisiana, Epic will now serve 34,000 patients in 17 states, positioning the company as the largest comprehensive pediatric provider in the country. The acquisition expands Epic’s service lines to include incontinence products and respiratory equipment, in addition to specialty pharmacy, diabetic, urological, ostomy and wound care supplies. The Epic family of companies will now truly operate as a comprehensive pediatric care continuum for patients in all stages of life and health.

“As Epic grows, we’ll continue to join forces with companies as dedicated to exceptional patient care as we are,” said Epic President and CEO Chris Roussos. “Medco’s and Epic’s priorities are aligned, with the patient’s well-being and care as our top priorities. Bringing Medco into the Epic family opens up incredible opportunities to advance patient care and further develop our pediatric care continuum.”

Medco will combine with Option 1 Healthcare Solutions, an enteral nutrition provider based in Chandler, Arizona, which was acquired by Epic in early September.

“Medco has always stressed the importance of taking care of the patient first, knowing the other priorities will take care of themselves,” Medco CEO John Calhoun said. “With Epic and Option 1, we have partners that share our ‘patient first’ vision, and together, we will have the resources and competencies for a best-in-class solution for the medically fragile pediatric population.”

Medco and Option 1 will continue their growth and expansion into other states where Epic is currently serving patients.

“We are excited to be partnering with Medco, as they are the recognized and respected leader for the services they provide in Texas and Louisiana,” Option 1 CEO Rick Winterich said. “Together, we will be able to do great things.”

In the past year, Epic has acquired six companies, including Nurses to Go, Loving Care Agency, Clarity Service Group, Option 1 Healthcare Solutions, Unifour Nursing and Medco.

 About Medco

Medco provides enteral feeding, nutritional formulas, incontinence products, respiratory equipment, as well as diabetic, urological, and wound care supplies to patients throughout Texas and Louisiana. Medco has a strong reputation of providing exceptional care and customer service. From humble beginnings in the back room of a pharmacy 40 years ago in Texas, Medco has grown into a regional leader servicing Texas and Louisiana. Medco has been accredited by The Joint Commission, a national health care accreditation organization, since 1995. For more information about Medco, visit www.MedcoMedicalSupply.com

 About Epic Health Services Epic Health Services was founded in 2001 and has since become the leading national provider of pediatric skilled nursing, therapy, and autism services, as well as a spectrum of adult home health care services. Most recently, Epic joined with Option 1 Healthcare Solutions to provide life-sustaining nutritional therapy, including supplies and formula. Success in health care requires the delivery of exceptional care that meets the needs of patients, families, payers, regulatory agencies, and society. By maintaining a focus on quality care, extraordinary customer service, and compliance, Epic continues to grow its pediatric continuum to serve even more patients across the United States. For further information, please visit www.epichealthservices.com.

About Webster Capital

Founded in 2003, Webster Capital is a private equity partnership which helps companies unlock their potential. Webster focuses on branded consumer and healthcare services companies with EBITDA between $3 million to $15 million. Webster Capital provides equity financing, expertise, and a broad contact network for management buyouts and growth capital. At present, Webster has $600 million under management and is currently investing Fund III, a $400 million fund raised in 2014. For additional information on Webster Capital, please visit www.webstercapital.com.