Combining a flexible and collaborative investment strategy with sector expertise, we partner with profitable healthcare companies with operating characteristics and competitive dynamics that drive sustainability and long-term value. We typically target companies with revenues of $20 million to $200 million.

We identify purpose driven healthcare business models which provide superior clinical care and broad access to healthcare with a goal of improving patient outcomes.


We partner with our portfolio companies to create long-term value through sustainable healthcare focused business models which strive to deliver top quartile returns for our investors.


We endeavor to execute this mission through transparency, judgement and the utilization of industry leading resources to enhance the performance of our portfolio company investments.

Practice Areas
- Physician Practice Management
- Post-Acute Care
- Value-Based Care & Payer Services
- Women’s & Children’s Health
- Behavioral Health
- Pharma Services

(1) These priorities are aspirational in nature, and have not yet been accomplished. Webster is permitted to determine in its discretion that it is not feasible or practical to implement or complete all or any investments in these sectors and goals based on cost, timing, or other considerations. There is no guarantee that Webster will make investments in companies that meet these outcomes.

Value Creation Playbook
- High-impact growth strategies designed to generate sustained EBITDA growth and grow to $100M+ EBITDA
- Targeting both organic and acquisition-based product and service expansion
- Utilize Webster Operating Executives to partner with management and build high performing companies
- Work with management to establish strategic objectives
- Identify and implement performance metrics and best practices across key value drivers
- 100% healthcare focused and specialization
- Mission critical, patient-centric businesses
- Control investor
- Typically first institutional capital
- Focus out of favor and new sectors
- EBITDA at entry: $5-$20M+
Our ESG Commitment
- Promote responsible investment implementation and acceptance
- Maintain strong governance
- Embed material ESG factors in investment process and decisions
- Active ESG stewardship
- Foster transparency, accountability and shared responsibility

NOTES: Our ESG policies may not apply in every case and are subject to change.